A worldwide presence close to its customers

  • As a leader in the professional distribution of products and services for the energy world, Rexel is present in fast-growing regions and is strengthening its foothold in mature markets.

    €13.2 bn in sales in 2016

    logistics structures




  • 36%

    of 2016 sales

    North America

    Canada, US


    8 000

    2016 sales breakdown by end market:
    Commercial: 6%
    Industrial: 56%
    Residential: 38%

  • 54%

    of 2016 sales


    Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom

    1 200

    16 000

    2016 sales breakdown by end market:
    Commercial: 32%
    Industrial: 44%
    Residential: 24%

  • 10%

    of 2016 sales


    Australia, China (including Macao and Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam


    3 000

    2016 sales breakdown by end market:
    Commercial: 20%
    Industrial: 24%
    Residential: 56%

Key Figures

  • 1 m


  • €1bn


    in 2016

  • 650,000+


    worldwide in 2016

  • 5.5 %


  • 8,000


  • 18,000+


    received training in 2016

  • nearly €1.8bn


    of energy efficiency and renewable energy products and solutions in 2016

  • 20 %


  • 250


  • 500,000


  • 100,000+


    benefitted from projects supported by the Rexel Foundation

  • 17.6 %



  • Sustainable performance

    In January 2017, Rexel was named in "Global 100", the world's top 100 most sustainable companies, by Canadian-based CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) media and research company Corporate Knights.
    This rating is recognized by the Group's customers, suppliers and employees for the transparency it offers in identifying best practices across a range of sustainable development criteria and represents an investment benchmark for our investors. Overall, 4,973 listed companies with a market capitalization of more than $2 billion were assessed and rated using 14 sustainability indicators.

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  • A business partnership to support the circular economy

    In the Netherlands, Rexel entered a partnership with New Horizon Urban Mining, a company specializing in collecting building demolition materials destined to be reused on other construction sites. A pilot project was carried out in 2016 to renovate and convert an abandoned swimming pool into offices. Rexel was in charge of removing and storing electrical equipment to be reused in the new building. Business opportunities are likely to multiply for this type of project, increasing the value of pre-used equipment, reducing the purchase costs and supporting a more sustainable building and renovation approach.

  • MRO contract in India

    Rexel India signed a two-year MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) contract with one of Rexel's key account customers, an agri-food company. The contract covers the equipment supply of four production plants in India, and could be extended to other installations in Thailand. Rexel ensures its customer's supply is consolidated, more efficient and easier to manage.

  • Innovative solutions for retirement homes in the UK

    Rexel UK won a three-year contract with McCarthy & Stone, one of the main retirement house-builder in the UK, for the supply of all its electrical and lighting equipment. Rexel UK will particularly provide the latest energy efficient innovations and the most cost-effective products on the market. The partnerships established by Rexel with leading manufacturers, its logistical and technical expertise as well as the quality and the durability of equipment played a key role, enabling McCarthy & Stone to offer high-end housing without compromising on safety, durability or energy efficiency.

  • Mobile apps

    In 2016, several mobile apps were developed within the Group, increasingly facilitating customer access to Rexel's services and products. In Spain, ABM Rexel launched t-Conecta, an app allowing customers to place orders, to access the subsidiary's offering and to check on their customer account. Rexel UK launched the Branch Locator, enabling customers to locate and contact any Group branch in the UK, see its opening hours and follow an itinerary to get there. Rexel France also launched a new version of its Rexel.fr app, with many improvements and easier navigation.

  • Sustainable and responsible HQ

    Rexel's HQ in Paris has met the High Environmental Quality management standard (HQE) in 2016. Awarded for 5 years, this certification perpetuates the building's environmental performance, particularly in the following areas: ecological footprint, energy bills, promotion of best practices, continuous optimization of building maintenance and exploitation, improvement of user comfort and health.

  • Improving energy access in the US

    At the initiative of an employee at Gexpro, a Rexel Group's subsidiary in the US, the Rexel Foundation is funding the GRID Alternatives' National Tribal Solar Program. This project is dedicated to improving energy access for Native Americans, whose poverty rate in 2014 was over 28%. Around 14% of Tribal households living on reservations have no access to electricity. The Foundation's funding covers the retrofit of non-working off-grid systems on Navajo lands. The initiative will directly affect these communities by supporting solar power installations for families in need of relief. It should also benefit them in the long term by supporting community job training programs for local workers in the growing solar industry. There are over 1,000 estimated beneficiaries and 12 tribal communities who will be directly affected by this program.

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  • An impact assessment guide designed for social entrepreneurs

    Providing proof of their social impact is one of the greatest challenges faced by social enterprises and associations. Assessing the impact of their actions enables them to guide and drive strategy, to promote the work of employees and volunteers, to answer to financers and partners and to communicate effectively. In partnership with the Rexel Foundation, (IM)PROVE developed a guide designed to assist social entrepreneurs by providing them with an 8-step impact assessment methodology. The guide, which also lists the key indicators to be assessed according to the entrepreneurs' intervention areas, is freely available on the Rexel Foundation website.

    More details on the Rexel Foundation Social Impact assessment guide
  • A hydroelectrical power plant equipped by Rexel

    By pooling the expertise of several of the Group's entities, including Westburne, a Canadian subsidiary, and Rexel IPG, specialized in large international infrastructure projects, Rexel won an electrical equipment supply contract for the extension of a hydroelectrical plant in Newfoundland, Canada. Rexel will contribute to drafting the terms of reference and defining material specifications, then sourcing the most appropriate equipment. The collaboration between entities leverages the best expertise within the Group, while staying as close as possible to the customer's needs in order to bring them a tailored solution.

  • Governance

    In mid-2016, Rexel adopted a new governance structure splitting the duties of Chairman of the Board of Directors (Ian Meakins) and Chief Executive Officer (Patrick Berard).
    This new structure allows management to focus all its efforts on implementing and executing the Group's strategy. A new, more operational Executive Committee composed of five representatives of Rexel's countries and regions, has been implemented to support this goal.

  • Opportunity16

    Rexel launched its 5th employee shareholding plan - Opportunity16 - in 14 countries. Allowing nearly 90% of the Group employees to subscribe to a reserved capital increase with preferential terms, Opportunity16 recorded a global subscription rate of 17.60%.

  • Rexel Expo

    Rexel organized two Rexel Expo trade shows in 2016, in Nantes and Bordeaux. Each event gave 150 suppliers the opportunity to meet 4,000 visitors in order to present their latest products. A large part of the events was dedicated to innovative solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial and multi-energy markets, including connected products, digital innovations and energy efficiency solutions.

  • PV solutions

    Rexel Sweden signed a contract with BAE Systems (a British defense and aerospace company), in order to equip their production plant in Örnsköldsvik (situated 440 km north of Stockholm) with the largest vertical solar installation in Scandinavia, including 1,400 solar panels mounted on the facade.

  • Rexel Foundation

    Following the successful project conducted in partnership with Maverlinn and Faurecia in 2014, the Rexel Foundation decided to repeat the experience. In collaboration with Netspring, it equipped a remote school in rural China with a solar power plant which will improve the children's living and learning conditions. The creation of a green IT classroom connected to the Internet gives students the opportunity to acquire indispensable computer skills and discover the world.

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  • Rexel goes beyond its traditional offer

    Rexel Australia has signed a unique national supply agreement with Foxtel, an Australian based subscription television company specializing in satellite, IPTV and broadband services. Under the agreement, Rexel will stock Foxtel set top units, smart cards, satellite dishes, cabling, connectors and the ancillary materials needed for home and business installation. Foxtel technicians order through Rexel’s webstore and pick up stock in person from Rexel’s branches the next day.
    Services have been fully up and running in approximately 80 branches spread across Australia, servicing over 1,000 technicians, since late November 2016. Rexel has drastically reduced Foxtel installation technicians’ travel and inventory sourcing time, allowing them to complete more service calls per day. To support the sales staff, online training was developed composed of two e-learning modules and made available on the Rexel Academy.


Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom

A trade show dedicated to energy efficiency

Rexel Energy Solutions, a Rexel entity based in the UK specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energies, took part in the Solar & Storage Live 2016 event in October 2016. This trade show, dedicated to the future of electrical solutions and the energy transition, received 4,000 visitors over three days. Alongside Huawei and Tesla, Rexel showcased its solutions and latest innovations for electric vehicle charging, low-consumption lighting, infrared heating, solar PV technology and energy storage.

  • 1,200


  • 7.2


  • 18


  • 16,000


54 %



North America

Canada, USA

Rexel strengthens its position in industrial automation

In the US, Rexel has strengthened its position in automation and MRO services through the acquisition of Brohl & Appell. Based in Ohio, the company has about 60 employees, who recorded sales of €24 million across 7 branches in 2015. Founded in 1889, Brohl & Appell has built a strong partnership with Rockwell Automation and complements the Group's industrial MRO offer, while providing a springboard to profitable growth opportunities with complementary product and category expansion, and new energy efficiency propositions.

  • 550


  • 4.7


  • 8,000


36 %



Australia, China (including Macau and Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam

Creation of Rexel India

In June 2016, the two subsidiaries of the Group based in India, Yantra Automation and AD Electronics, merged into Rexel India. This new entity has become the leading nationwide distributor of electrical and automation solutions, with 25 facilities (8 branches and several business offices), 240 employees and 10 logistics centers in 17 states. To prepare its transitioning to the Rexel brand, Rexel India has gradually integrated the Group's back office functions over the past year by merging its IT systems, standardizing its e-mail management policy and rolling out its new brand identity.

  • 250


  • 12


  • 3,000


10 %


Our people

  • Branch managers

    They act as a conductor, managing all branch activities including customer reception, administration, business development, and store layout.


    "We are in charge of the day-to-day coordination of teams, operations and of the overall management of the branches, in permanent contact with our customers. We anticipate their needs and offer a customized service to support them as close to their business as possible and to retain them."

  • Expertise and Customer Relationship Center sales representatives

    In the Expertise and Customer Relationship Center, experts and sales representatives are always ready to advise customers from their jobsite. Orders, information, follow-up, technical assistance or guidance on regulation: it is the remote service counter.


    "We are available to our customers from their job-sites and we bring them fast and reliable solutions. It is the always-accessible remote service counter."

  • Outside sales representatives

    Rexel's expertise extends beyond its branches to fully support its customers in their home automation, renovation, multi-energy projects and more, thanks to its specialists in public contracts, housing, renewable energies, etc.


    "Experts in energy solutions, we move as close as possible to our customers in order to bring them solutions adapted to the market development and tailored to the needs of their own clients, case-by-case."

  • Merchandisers

    They redesign and optimize the branch layout in order to facilitate customers' visits, enabling them to easily and quickly find what they are looking for and giving them the opportunity to talk to a salesperson whenever they need advice.


    "We have the day-to-day responsibility to make the customer experience in our branches as simple and intuitive as possible, by promoting our services, product ranges and solutions."

  • Logistics center teams

    From stock management to product shipment, the logistics center is the backbone that enables on-time deliveries at branches and large construction sites, for which dedicated stocks are set up with a unique ID system.


    "Our main purpose is to ensure the product availability, to guarantee a reliable supply chain and to strengthen our expertise in order to offer our clients new services that will help them to be more efficient and to focus on their jobsites."

  • Delivery people

    As the final link in the chain, delivery people guarantee that every order is delivered on time and in full, everytime.


    "We meet our customers' exact expectations regarding procurement: the products must be delivered on time, with the highest level of service possible. Our customers are confident in our ability to ensure fast and reliable deliveries, regardless of constraints or urgency."

  • Sales advisors

    Multi-skilled and always ready to help, sales advisors welcome customers to the branch, recommend the best solutions for their projects, organize their orders and follow up on their activities on a daily basis.


    “We provide our customers with the solutions they need and propose to them tracking services, to set up these solutions in a customized way, adapted to the ranges of products’ evolution.”

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